Laptop-shooting dad is no role model

Is pistol-packin’ pop a poor parent or a hero? (Feb. 13)

This article is disturbing to me for a couple of reasons. The first is that we are heading to North Carolina this week to attend our daughter’s graduate studies interview at Duke University in North Carolina, the same state where this cowboy is located. The second is that you have an angry man with a pistol proud of the fact he can pull out his .45 pistol and shoot at a helpless laptop. Imagine being his neighbour and getting him upset if you have a loud pool party. Would he jump the fence and start shooting holes in your pool?

I don’t feel this is the proper behaviour to get respect from a teenager. Sure he has proven a point, but if he didn’t have her respect before this adventure, he surely won’t have it now. I understand parenting is a tough role, but so is being a teenager. I feel he needs to show a little more understanding with his child’s behaviour and figure out why she feels she is so overworked. Possibly she has a tremendous amount of pressure with her school work.

Also, I have some concern with the trust factor with him snooping around in her computer. Apparently he’s an IT whiz. I’m sure any of his present or future customers will think twice before handing over their laptops to him with confidential information.

Andy Price, Ancaster

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