CCTV cameras in the street - are they a good or ban investment?

"The cameras are there for a reason, as long as they are doing their job in cutting down crime then I have no issue with Leicester having the highest number of CCTV cameras in the country."

Gurmeer Singh, 21 Retail manager, Evington

"The cameras crack down on crime, littering and what the blind eye doesn't see. CCTV will pick it up straight away."

Mark Sawbridge, 39 Sales supervisor, Hamilton

"CCTV is good for everyone. People can't hide and if it makes Leicester safer, then that's the most important thing."

Elizabeth Roff, 69 Retired, Leicester

"When they first came out I wasn't that keen on them, but since then CCTV has proved its worth and it helps police prevent crime."

Beryl Scott, 76 Retired, Houghton on the Hill

"I have nothing against them – it's a shame we need monitoring but if you have nothing to worry about then there should be no problem with CCTV cameras at all."

Tom Ishmael, 18 Unemployed, Anstey

"I hate them, it's a violation of our human rights and I don't believe it stops crime."

Melody Catley, 21 Student, Leicester

"It not only prevents crime but can also aid in the prevention of accidents too, which is definitely beneficial to Leicester as a whole."

Hannah Nuttall, 21 Student, Leicester

"If you're not doing anything wrong and abide by the law, then why should people have a problem with CCTV cameras?"

Akila Jussab, 48 House husband, Highfields

"CCTV cameras are good in many ways. They are useful to the police and protect the community from car theft and vandalism too."

Rajen Tank, 40 Civil servant, Birstall

"I feel that the cameras have not been maximised to their full potential. They do a good job but don't seem to provide clear enough images to acquire evidence."

Yemi Adevinto, 37 Psychologist, Hamilton

"I was a bit taken aback when I heard Leicester had the most CCTV cameras in the country, but I think it not only creates a deterrent for criminal behaviour but also helps police in investigating crime and searching for missing people."

John Jude Wong, 25 Student, Leicester

"I think it's brilliant that Leicester has the most cameras. If we have the most it can only be in our best interests, we choose to live in a safe society and it's the way we have developed."

Lauren Harris, 22 Student, Leicester

"I think there are many things that would have benefited better from all the money spent on CCTV cameras, such as community projects to get kids off the streets."

Jane Hill, 65 Market trader, Leicester

"I don't feel crime is any less because of the CCTV cameras as there are still lots of shoplifters that get away with crime because of a camera that's not facing the right way at that moment in time."

Rachel James, 19 Sales assistant, Leicester

"I was attacked outside MunchBunch near the Haymarket. I went straight to the police after it had happened and no footage was captured – it upsets me that people can get away with actions like these."

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