LG's Refrigerator: (Almost) Smarter Than You

The LG Smart Refrigerator is one of the many new "smart" appliances recently revealed at the Consumer and Electronics Show in Las Vegas earlier this month that can be connected to a home network and manage your entire kitchen. Designed to communicate with other devices via Wi-Fi, it can be controlled with a smart phone and can send updates monitoring electricity and food consumption.

The LG Smart Refrigerator runs a system known as what LG describes as a total food management system that can track the moldiness of food, expiration dates, send updates on what is running low and even suggest recipes based on what ingredients are inside of it.

This new refriger-bot comes equipped with French doors and a touch LCD screen that gives access to online shopping, grocery lists, calendars and photos--all of which can be accessed via smart phone too.

Grocery receipts can be scanned with the camera on smart phones and the food items are automatically downloaded into the system. This bad mofo even has voice recognition technology.

It is only one of many appliances that is part of the Smart ThinQ suite of products from LG Electronics.

The other appliances in the suite include a self-diagnosing washing machine, a remotely-monitored vacuum cleaner, and a smart oven that monitors cooking through mobile devices.

Everything can also be connected to an LG Smart TV, on which everything can be tracked without you even getting up from your comfy couch.

There is also the Health Manager feature, which recommends recipes and menus based on user profiles that take into account factors like age, weight, gender and body mass index (BMI). When a recipe is selected, the information is sent wirelessly to the oven for proper settings.

Wow, the only thing it doesn't have is mechanical arms to take food out of the fridge and prepare it, which requires you, of course.

Networked, remotely-monitored kitchen appliances are the next best thing for your home. With all of these "smart", Wi-Fi-connected devices to run your home, what's left for you? Nothing, just let robots run your life.

Source: http://blogs.miaminewtimes.com/shortorder/2012/01/the_refrigerator_that_is_almos.php

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